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My aim in life has been to create images reflecting my concerns, thoughts, fears and emotions related to the world I inhabit, as it changes and evolves. My paintings are about elements within our social structure that threaten our existence, as we have known it within my lifetime on this planet. I discover/uncover a rhythm or pattern, that is in itself fragmentary, thereby destroying the multiplicity of things, and in order to reveal a harmony or maybe poetic beauty of a particular image that catches my attention. We as humans are often unable to comprehend the inconsistencies and horrors when confronted with the reality of nature. The content of an image is often meant to be an interpretation after a catastrophic event in order for the viewer to not look away and instead act as a catalyst for conveying information and confronting viewer with an emotional reality. I believe people only really fully comprehend the nature of their own immediate and subjective experience, and even then a real understanding is probably not possible or experienced as trauma. If an experience is immediate and direct, it can only be felt as a sensation beyond words and in a similar vein an image can contain an ambivalent non-linear meaning simultaneously. It can only be described after the event and perhaps my work helps to initiate an awareness of the necessity of taking action and maybe changing one’s daily life for the benefit of future generations.

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